so we made this little teaser for the launch of our new collection. what do you think? 🙂 Advertisements


i went to a wedding yesterday and i found myself close to tears when i saw the bride walk down the aisle. what is it with weddings, right? anyway, here are a few… Continue reading

game 7 it is!

what an intense game it has been! 🙂 who’s gonna be the NBA champion this year? we shall soon find out…:)

Canine cancer: the warning signs and the way to a cure?

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According to the Animal Cancer Foundation, one in four dogs will develop cancer in their lifetime.  That’s a pretty scary statistic.  A diagnosis of a malignant cancer for…

a message to someone who is now up in the heavens

i, just like any other child, have done things in the past that i now painfully regret. i have done you wrong countless of times. i’ve lied. i’ve raised my voice and talked… Continue reading

It’s Friday! :)

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend! ❤ 

#fmsphotoaday – day 11 #somethingfunny

here’s my entry to day 11’s #somethingfunny 🙂   note: this was how my morgan slept when she was still a puppy. yes, she was asleep when this photo was taken. 🙂

cooper & morgan – the shoeline (part 2)

so i got carried away talking about cooper & morgan (the dogs) yesterday, haha! once i get to it, i just can’t seem to stop, haha! sorry about that. here are our shoe… Continue reading

cooper & morgan – the shoeline (part 1)

a little intro: cooper is our very first dog. we got him at a pet store the day we were set to look for a pug. in our defense, we originally wanted a… Continue reading

my three little piglets :)

i’m sharing with you the latest photos of my three little piglets 🙂 here’s madi (short for madison) with her favorite unwashed buddy, whitey (i know).   just so you know, while she… Continue reading