What dogs would do for their owners..

What dogs would do for their owners.. you’re such a good boy tolero. you did great. i’m sorry you lost your best friend.. Advertisements

my sweet girl <3

this here is madison. when she wants something that she’s not able to reach, may it be under the tv stand or in between couches (in this case, it’s the orange ball that’s in… Continue reading

never ever <3

and though i know that i’m in for a very bad heartbreak (eventually), i know, too, that my heart would mend a thousand times over for a face like that. ❤


On weekends or on weekdays  when I’m too lazy to go to work, I always find my Morgan like this – sitting still while looking at the outside world. She does this for… Continue reading


this here is madison. she’s 1 y/o and 4 mos. she’s very quiet and smart. she’s also one sleepy bulldog too! i took this picture of her because i thought she was playing… Continue reading

wordless wednesday

is that a treat you’re holding?

meet the dogs behind the shoes :)

this one’s long overdue but today, i’m gonna have to write this down and finish it. we started an online shoe brand that we named cooper & morgan and one curious mind might… Continue reading


this here is mackenzie, he is a year and 3 months old and i love him to pieces! ❤


Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home. Ok, I’m gonna try this daily prompt thing so here’s my first entry. The farthest I’ve ever been from home? That would be… Continue reading

my love for dogs

i signed up for a blog because i wanted to write but everytime i login, i find myself lost in all of the the countless, wonderful posts tagged under “pets” that i find… Continue reading