the opinion of another

a cousin of mine recently ran away from home and he had a dog.

yesterday my mom and i were talking about him and i asked my mom if she knew what happened to siegfried, his 7 or 8 y/o male, dachshund. it turns out, he gave the dog to a friend.

as sad as that part already made me feel my mom went on saying, “i told him to get rid of that dog! it’s just another mouth for him to feed even when he already has no income left to fend for himself.”

i cannot begin to describe how hurt i felt when i heard her say that. to think that i have dogs of my own, too.

i held her hand and as calmly as i could i told her that that’s not how it should be. that dogs have feelings too. that when she gets to be with a dog every single day, she’d know that there’s really more to them than meets the eye.

i really feel sad my she thinks that way about dogs.. to think that my dad used to love dogs just as much as i do today.

i wish i could make her feel the other way around.

dogs really are family. they make the best of friends, too.