my love for dogs

i signed up for a blog because i wanted to write but everytime i login, i find myself lost in all of the the countless, wonderful posts tagged under “pets” that i find myself reading instead of blogging.

it’s always entertaining to be updated on what ruby the black labrador’s latest antics are or to find out what sandy has been up to lately. however, whenever i come across a post about a pet’s death, i always get deeply affected.

i, myself, have 6 dogs and i am thankful for each of them. i haven’t experienced losing a pet (yet) since most of them are between 1-2.5 y/o but i have one who is 6 y/o. i know she’s not a senior dog but for an english bulldog, i guess one can say that well, she’s no longer young. So everytime i read one of those posts about the death of a pet, i get scared because i know that in time i, too, will eventually lose all of my six dogs.

ofcourse, i know none of us wouldn’t want that to happen, but Β the sad truth is, eventually, it will, because death is inevitable and there’s nothing we can do about it. i read somewhere this beautiful line that goes, “we suffer so that they don’t have to anymore,” which is true. because us humans can deal with the loss and the understanding and the acceptance that our pets are no longer with us but what about them? if we leave before they do, how are they to know why that happened?

i’m the type who cannot bear to see any of my dogs get scared over something so if i can spare them the fear and the loneliness of me not being able to show up for a very long time, i would gladly bear all the pain that losing them would give, rather than let them wait for me and wonder why i never ever came back for them anymore. just saying those words already broke my heart.

it’s amazing what caring for animals can do for us, right?

i’m not gonna lie. taking care of 6 dogs is quite a handful and extremely tiring, physically. but given all these circumstances, having dogs is amazingly wonderful. this may sound too cliche but they can really take all of your worries away and i think that all pet parents like me would highly agree that that’s more than just a good thing. to know that someone’s always waiting for me to come home everyday is reason enough to me smile. always. πŸ™‚

more than anything, nothing compares to that feeling of love and trust that i get from each of our dogs. it is really inexplicable and, oh my goodness, how i love them all to pieces! ❀

i really can’t imagine life without any of them. i made a promise to myself that i will take care of them and keep them safe for as long as i can. above all, i will love them ALWAYS, regardless of how many furnitures have already been destroyed or how, despite of all the cleaning measures that we do, that we still couldn’t get the dog smell or the dog hairs off of everything.

i am so happy because i know that i make them happy, too, and i guess that’s just pure love without the words. but then who needs words when you feel a love like no other with every wag those tails make whenever they see you? πŸ™‚

i surely wouldn’t trade it for anything else in this world. πŸ™‚

this is for cooper, morgan, jelly, matilda, madison and mackenzie. mama loves you so much! ❀





matilda & mackenzie

tila and kenzi