my three little piglets :)

i’m sharing with you the latest photos of my three little piglets 🙂

here’s madi (short for madison) with her favorite unwashed buddy, whitey (i know).



just so you know, while she stays inside the house, she is unhappy being tied up but we couldn’t let her off the leash because she is currently being treated for some ear infection. we hope she’ll get well soon.


here are tila (shotr for matilda) and kenzi (short for mackenzie).

these puppies are from one litter. four were born and only three survived. because their mother didn’t lactate too long and the since the vet said that she didn’t have any maternal instinct, we bottlefed these puppies since day one. it was such a great experience raising these babies. they are now 1 year and 3 months old and i love them to death! ❤