cooper & morgan – the shoeline (part 1)

a little intro:

cooper is our very first dog. we got him at a pet store the day we were set to look for a pug. in our defense, we originally wanted a bulldog but we knew that the breed’s a little too pricey so we opted to look for a pug. while looking around, we saw a few good bulldogs who were about almost three months old who were playful and adorable and each of them won my heart over. however, everytime we asked how much a certain puppy was, it exceeded our budget and we just couldn’t stretch our money that much because of the dog food, the crate and a lot of other stuff that we know we have to get for our new and first puppy ever. with one last look at the brindle bulldog puppy, we decided that maybe a different breed would be better for us and that maybe, we’d get ourselves a bulldog next time because according to a lot of research, bulldogs aren’t meant to be for first-time dog owners. anyhoo, as we were passing by one shop to the next, i noticed a puppy from the topmost crate of a small pet store. from where i stood, i only saw it’s butt but i was almost certain that it looked like a bulldog puppy. as i got closer, i pointed towards the puppy and i asked the small guy who was manning store what breed it was. he said it was a bulldog.

as i stepped closer, the puppy lifted it’s small head and i was able to see right through his eyes. in that moment, i knew he was the dog for us. πŸ™‚

we were extremely thrilled with the idea of being able to get ourselves a bulldog! πŸ™‚ for it’s breed, the pet store sold him to us at a very affordable price. little did we know that his lineage wasn’t that of a champion line and that for an english bulldog, he had a lot of “faults”. ofcourse, none of those matter anymore. he’s been with us for almost three years and he is by far the gentlest, sweetest, spoiled baby that we have and i’m so glad that it was him that we bought. πŸ™‚

this is cooper πŸ™‚


morgan, on the other hand, just turned 2 y/o. we’ve always wanted to have a female english bulldog that’s brindle so when my partner came across her, she immediately bought her. as time went by, we noticed that her body as well as her legs was slimmer than that of cooper’s. as a puppy, she also didn’t have a tail but we didn’t mind because the breeder told us that it’s because she had an inverted tail when she was born so they had to remove it. later on, as she grew, we noticed that she was growing taller and that her neck was longer too. it was only later that we realized that she looked more like a mix between a bulldog and a boxer. anyhoo, we didn’t mind. morgan is the funniest and sweetest and we wouldn’t want her any other way. ofcourse, the same goes for cooper and the rest of our four other dogs (i’ll tell you all about them in my succeeding blog posts!).

so anyway, this is our baby girl, morgan πŸ™‚


so, going back to the topic of shoes, because of our big love for our dogs and my love affair with shoes, we decided to come up with our own online business called, ofcourse, cooper & morgan! here’s our little business logo! yay! πŸ™‚Image

we are just too happy that it carries the names of our first two dogs! πŸ™‚

the catch:

being the dog lovers that we are, we came up with a campaign called, “One Paw-sitive Step.” the idea is, for each pair of Cooper & Morgan pair purchased, Php20 is donated to CARA Welfare Philippines. It is a non-government organization whose focus if to help abandoned, abused and neglected pets. You may visit their website for more details –


so you see, we are doing this not just to make money. we want to help and save the lives of the thousands of dogs and cats that are left out on the streets.

all animals deserve to be loved, regardless of their color or breed.