30-day blog challenge – day 7

7. What is your dream job, and why?

when i was younger, i’ve always wanted to be a doctor but back then, i didn’t know why.

now, i still want to be a doctor – a veterinarian at that.

what can i say? i love dogs and it hurts everytime i see one that’s abused, abandoned, homeless, maltreated. i think no dog, or any other animal, should be mistreated in any way. it’s just not right? they are helpless creatures who just needs someone who will feed them, give them shelter and, above all, love them unconditionally all throughout their existence. it’s not as if they want something in return because, really, they don’t. 

it’s all up to us – how responsible and compassionate we could be/would become just to be able to live up to the kind of love and loyalty that these animals truly and rightfully deserve.

i love my dogs more than anything and i would do anything just to give them a long and healthy life. this is my wish to all pets out there, too. that they end up in the hands of those who will love and take care of them until the very end.