photo a day

so i’m into this thing on instagram called #fmsphotoaday where basically, you take pictures of whatever’s on the list for the current month.

here are my entries, so far, for the month of june:

1. #bisforbulldogs! (p.s. that’s madi and kenzi) :p


2. #amoment (p.s. that’s morgan and cooper, waiting for their peanut butter and banana biscuits) :p

Cooper & Morgan-Treats

3. #onmydesk (p.s. that’s my office desk. notice the computer screen? yup, that’s my blog) :p


4. #afterdark (p.s. the first thing that i thought of. i love haruki murakami.)


these are my entries as of yet! can’t wait to complete my pictures for june!

kudos to fatmumslim for coming up with this super duper fun idea! 🙂