Regram from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)


I have a soft and huge space in my heart for animals and seeing PETA’s message yesterday on Facebook made me feel like I am compelled to share and repost it as it means finding and saving the lives of all misplaced pets in the recent tragedy that the state of Oklahoma has recently faced.

I am calling out to all those who are out there that while it is imperative to track the people who are still missing, we should also extend our efforts to search for those pets who have been displaced from their owners. Should you find any of them, please try to feed them food and water and take them to the Animal Resource Center as seen in the picture. This animal shelter is set to keep all rescued pets safe until their former owners come to take them back home. If they aren’t claimed, they will put them up for adoption. No one will be put down.

Let us help save their lives too.

We are the only voices that they have.