who doesn’t love music? you? well, you’re definitely missing out on something.

since the bosses are out, i am currently listening to a couple of albums on 8tracks the whole day and i love every album that i’ve listened to:

1. wish
2. procrastination at its best
3. make a mix for a girl

if you’re not so much into listening to a whole record album straight, i recommend that you listen to 8tracks. it features random songs, random artists but really nothing but great, outstanding music.

today, my new personal favorite is “just give me a reason” by pink ft. nate ruess


it’s funny though because as i was listening my way through the countless tracks, i came across a song in the album Wish that’s really one of my favorites since years ago but because i’ve completely lost track of the music world, i have forgotten about it already until today.

i really love listening to the weepies’ “world spins madly on.” the melody, the lyrics, the beat is just perfect. 🙂 i am a certified weepies fan! 🙂