Missing Persons Database

Missing Persons Databas If you have friends or family members who are still missing, please try to check GMA News’ link.  I sincerely hope that you get to hear from your loved ones… Continue reading

Cooper boy!

Here’s a video of our Cooper trying to get us to remove the tiny chew toy from his mouth by barking that way. He wouldn’t drop it just because we put it in… Continue reading

what her day job really is..

Madison says, “Hi Mama! I woke up early today coz I have to get ready for my day job – napping.”          

plush toy! :)

  look! 🙂 my plush toy is so cute i named it mackenzie! 🙂   

Madi’s version of bathtime is playtime! :)

Bathtime is playtime! :)

Here are Matilda and Mackenzie, both a year and 6 month-old english bulldogs playing with the sprinkler that we got them before giving them a bath! They loved it! 🙂

Behind this window…

Originally posted on The Rider:
. Is it the window of opportunity? What lies waiting behind this window? What do you think?  

the opinion of another

a cousin of mine recently ran away from home and he had a dog. yesterday my mom and i were talking about him and i asked my mom if she knew what happened… Continue reading

Useless Bed

That’s Madi (short for Madison) and the fluffy bed we just got her. Apparently she prefers to sleep on the the floor than the bed.  :p

HELP PLEASE! my dog is peeing a lot

my 1 y/o english bulldog is peeing a lot these past two days. she’s in heat but i’m not sure if that is normal. yesterday, i got surprised because she pee’d on the… Continue reading